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Autonomous traffic navigator

Posted on by Srija Nair

Name Autonomous traffic navigator Made by Nachiket Khambhati, Grade 9 Mentor Ms. Srija Nair Components used 3 Infra Red sensor, 2 Motors, Brick, Meccanos, Programming software What it do? This bot, the ‘Autonomous Traffic Navigator” is programmed to navigate through vehicular traffic with least possible control from the driver. This is to ensure the defining […]


Posted on by Srija Nair

Name Trolley Made by Nachiket Khambhati, Grade 9 Mentor Ms. Srija Nair Components used Meccanos, remote controller What it do? This is a simple remote controlled robot with a simple design, used to help students in transporting heavy materials from one classroom to another. How it works? The objective has been achieved by making a […]

Conductivity driven fan

Posted on by Srija Nair

Name Conductivity driven fan Made by Nachiket Khambhati, Grade 9 Mentor Ms. Srija Nair Components used One conductivity sensor, One motor, Meccanos What it do? The fan speed is dependent on the conductivity of the material attached to the conductivity sensor. If the fan blades are spinning at a high speed we can conclude that […]

Mechanical Locking System

Aniket Jagdale

Posted on by Aniket Jagdale

I was thinking of an innovative structure using I- pitara kit but without using electronic parts. Then I saw a bicycle locking system near my office and I have decided to make one using our kit. This locking system is very simple to make and less number of maccanos are needed. It simply locks the […]

Kids Park

Posted on by Deepa Avudiappan

  Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.                                                                                          -Anonymous Kids Park is a place where all children can play outdoors and stretch their imaginations and independence. Children spend their leisure time in the open and fresh air of the park. There are swings, slides and many other such items that provide children, much […]


Aniket Jagdale

Posted on by Aniket Jagdale

Water Wheel Well A water wheel is a machine for converting the energy of free-flowing or falling water into useful forms of power, often in a watermill. It consists of large wheel with a number of buckets or blades arranged on the rim of the wheel. Here, we tried to make a water wheel well using the […]

Power Saver

Posted on by Prathamesh Shirwadkar

Power Saver Power Saver is a very simple technique which can be used for electric energy conservation. Power Saver has one touch sensor and from i-pitara brick, output can be given to domestic electric appliances like fan, tube light, TV, AC. Here output is given to fan and light.             […]

Article to Develop AVR programs on Eclipse IDE

Posted on by admin

Article to Develop AVR programs on Eclipse IDE Steps to install Eclipse IDE: 1.Download Eclipse from for C/C++ developers as shown below: 2.Now Extract the package: Right click the package and open with Archive Manager and extract it to home directory as shown below: 3.Open the eclipse executable to the folder that you have extracted […]

TRI ISP (Beta)

Posted on by admin

The 4 step guide to program your P89v51RD2 controller using TRI ISP Step 1: Port Settings Port Number: Select the serial communication port of your PC to which the target device is connected. Most present day IBM compatible PCs have a single serial communication port with an address of COM1. Speed: Select the burning speed. […]

Simple Conductivity sensor to detect metals

Posted on by admin

Conductivity Test In order to detect the presence of conductors,the simplest test is the Conductivity Test. Conductivity of a substance is defined as ‘the ability or power to conduct or transmit heat, electricity or sound’. Here what we use is the ability to transmit electricity. When an electrical potential difference is placed across a conductor, […]

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