Eureka - Active Science Learning

Exchange rote learning for active experiences. Where have the most important scientific discoveries been made? The answer is real-life, seemingly everyday situations. Eureka is focused on constructive learning, the kind of education that guides students to interact with the objects around them, appreciating and interpreting their scientific value. This program dramatically improves understanding and retention.

At ThinkLABS, our R&D team works with a student-centered perspective, to instill wonder and fascination towards science among young students.  We look at science as the rational process that scientists go through to observe, discover and most importantly, to devise means to verify and explain their observations.
  • Develops scientific temperament
  • Improves observation
  • Develops analytical thinking
  • Builds confidence and motivation
  • Improves attitude of learning
  • Provides Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience
  • Strengthens the curricular concepts
  • Meaningful Continuity of Experiences

Not only is the experience fun and engaging, it refines each student's observational skills, builds confidence, and fortifies the existing curricular concepts.
Broadly, Science is a systematic way of making meaning of the world around us. Students need to be involved in activities where they gain an appreciation of the scientific process. Understanding of science concepts involves appreciating how these concepts play in things around us. Therefore, students need to be given opportunities to explore things and directly experience the working of science. To engage in learning, students need to be excited about science and motivated to wonder about how things happen. It is then that students will experience the joy of learning science.
In every class, students plan a process to test a hypothesis, put the process into motion using various hands-on materials and then see the process to completion. Various facets of a theoretical concept are covered through different hands-on activities. The courses are meant for standard 6th, 7th and 8th and the concepts are mapped with the CBSE curriculum.
The content and activities have been developed at ThinkLABS' R&D facility at SINE, IIT Bombay.
This program includes science kits, detailed content, comprehensive teachers' training program and formative assessment modules as per CCE guidelines.

Highlights of Eureka:

Program runs in the school without disturbing the regular curriculum and supplements classroom learning
Content/Activities are mapped with science curriculum topics of Standards 6th to 8th. Program aims to develop "higher order thinking skills" among students through the route of hands-on science learning
Engaging sessions to bring out learners' inquisitiveness and motivation for experimenting and understanding
Take-away kits are given to students, using which they undergo a number of experiments and activities throughout the year. For ensuring learning outcomes, formative assessments are a part of Eureka.
In the process of running Eureka in schools, ThinkLABS will provide the following resources:
  • Activity kits
  • Teacher's Training
  • Instructors'Kit
  • Content
Each activity kit is designed to serve as a useful resource for conducting engaging sessions that bring out learners' inquisitiveness and motivation for experimenting and understanding. We have developed the activity kits to facilitate students in exploring variety of materials and learning the art of project building.
The content development team at ThinkLABS acknowledges the fact that the success of any designed program depends largely on the teachers who will implement it in classrooms. We empathize with the hectic schedules of school teachers; hence we have developed, and provide recommended lesson plans for easy accommodation of the activity-based sessions in the school routine.

Unlike many teacher training programs which are boring, irrelevant and inapplicable in practice, our teacher training modules are focused on meaningfully orienting teachers into the new constructivist paradigm of teaching-learning, in accordance with NCF 2005. To complement this process, we have thoughtfully designed a comprehensive Teacher Handbook to drive home the emphasis on development of students' skills, concepts and scientific attitude, and their Periodic Formative Assessment as per CCE recommendations.
In an activity-based program, the instructor kit can usually be taken for granted. However, we at ThinkLABS, realize and emphasize that the availability of useful material resources with the instructor has a vital role in ensuring the continuity of the learning experiences of students.

The instructor kits are thus designed to facilitate enjoyable activities or demonstrations to help maintain an organic pedagogic flow for conducting an Engaging session. Specifically, the instructors' kits consist of Materials for Setting up useful Demonstrations, Inventory of Handouts and Materials needed during Student Activities, Tool Kits, First Aid Kit, and a comprehensive Teacher Handbook.
Our course is unique in terms of a meaningful integration of Hands-on activities in Science Learning. The content is designed to supplement what teachers can do in their classrooms. Students' experiences and questions in the context of the activities may be usefully employed in connecting the activity-based science learning session with the daily experiences of students, and with other subjects learnt in school.

Each student gets a session handout which is designed to augment the process of activity exploration, explicate the sensory experiences of the Key Science concepts involved, and narrate relevant human experiences, for developing an expansive understanding of Science, among students. The student handouts complement the session structures for appropriate treatment of the topic; they further facilitate the instructor in accommodating differential learners, and conducting periodic formative assessment while conducting engaging sessions with enjoyable hands-on activities.


"I was really overjoyed to return home with the achivement certificate, cash prize, and above all a robot built by myself."

-Ian Barboza ( Bombay Scottish, Powai)

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